Bed Bug Addendum Lease Agreement

The first empty lines of this model require some specific information that should be easily found in the rental. Be sure to transcribe this information so that it is identical to the information contained in the rental attached to this document. Fill in the owner`s full name in the first space. The customer`s name must be displayed in the second empty line called “Tenant Name.” Finally, present the Street Address of the leased property on the two empty lines in the words “Address Of Rental Unit.” It should be possible to physically access the rented unit. NOTE IBBRA: Before someone tries to withhold rent or do anything on the list above, you need to consult a lawyer. A rental agreement is a legal document and you will be held responsible. I am a mother who lives in Northern California and my daughter has just found herself in this situation in San Diego. It`s such a nightmare, and I feel like this apartment complex and harmful business is the new face of organized crime. We`re looking for all the help to get them out of this terrible lease.

Below is the summary in their own words. I would have liked to see this wonderful article before she signed it. Myself and two other rooms (19 years, 20 years and 23 years old) moved about a month and a half ago to our apartment complex near San Diego State. During the first 3 weeks, we began to experience incredibly aggressive bites, uncertain of the exact origin. Without giving our management information, questions, etc. about the insurgency, they had posted a clue to our door that they were going to do an inspection with a K9 dog that is discreetly looking for bed bugs. Their results led to the coming source of our sofa and we were all held responsible for the infestation, including the price of treatment. For 3 weeks, not only can we no longer live in our apartment and we still have to pay rent, but we have not been cared for. We have also done enough studies to establish that there has been a problem within the entire complex since the pre-April.

In addition, the units above and among us were processed over the past week for exactly the same reason. The unit among us, who had moved on the same day as me and my rooms, was also told that his “source” of bed bugs came from his sofa. In summary, management not only holds its tenants responsible for their infestation and makes them responsible, but does not deal with the subject as a whole and continues to charge its tenants the costs at the same time as the rent in an unsanitary/non-livable environment. We have a lot more information, images and documentation, but we think it will be much clearer when we talk over the phone or in person. Please contact me as soon as possible, as we want to move forward with legal aid and instructions.