Cupe 2262 Collective Agreement

CUPE 2262 represents 36 members working in the City of Castlegar The agreement provides for annual wage increases of 2%, as well as improvements in health care, service delivery and the language of the contract. The 34 members of CUPE 2262 have been at picket lines for more than a month and have been on strike since August. The city refuses to return to the negotiating table. Unfortunately, the unresolved conflict with the city of Castlegar would place the usual ceremony behind a legal picket line. Given the above, CUPE Local is looking at 2,262 options to see if we can help find a way for the event. “After a very positive round of negotiations, we look forward to a new agreement that we believe will benefit workers, the City of Castlegar and the people of Castlegar,” said Jo Petit, CUPE Local 2262 Negotiations Chair. “We look forward to continuing to work with the City of Castlegar to provide important community services to residents.” “CUPE is confident that we can find something that works so that Castlegar families – including our own – can come together this holiday season to celebrate and honour our commitment to the community,” said Leford Lafayette, President of CUPE 2262. “Our pickets are in public institutions because we want to talk around the table – we want a fair and reasonable contract – but City have so far refused to get back in touch with us,” he added. The City of Castlegar and CupE Local 2262 are pleased to announce that a new four-and-a-half year collective agreement has been concluded. The message was loud and strong at Friday`s show of support for the striking Castlegar workers – you are NOT alone.

THE CUPE National Servicing Representative Lori Sutherland told the crowd that it was “unacceptable that we should be on the strike line for more than five weeks. We need to get back to the table and find the final outstanding issues. Local media reported that Castlegar Mayor Lawrence Chernoff declined to comment, saying only that demonstrations in support of striking workers “do not help the situation.” We all love The Winter Festival and your castle workers know it`s an important annual community event.