Instagram Influencer Agreement

Some influencer campaigns require sponsored content to be tagged in accordance with the advertiser`s policies. If this is the case, it is important to include this requirement in the influence contract. Brands can provide an influencer with assets and materials such as brand logo, brand guide, banners, etc. The digitization of contract management is revolutionizing the way agreements are created and monitored. If you work with multiple influencers, it can be beneficial for a brand to create training videos and brand guidelines for each influencer, and then develop monitoring programs within the company to ensure expectations are maintained. This can be a big stumbling block. While you obviously make the relationship public, you may not want some details to be made public. For example, some companies don`t want people to know how much they`re paying influencers and vice versa. In addition, you must ensure that they do not disclose any trade secrets or confidential information they learn. Be sure to include all of this in your influencer contract. This Influence Agreement “hereinafter Agreement” is concluded on the day of signature by and between (add the name of the influencer) with the address in (add the tax address of the influencer) “hereinafter influencer” and (add the name of the CEO /brand director) as director of (brand name) with the address in (tax address).

Together, hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”. We recommend that you specify the documents provided to the influencer in the agreement. Attention to detail helps to ensure that the brand image is respected. The influencer must send an invoice that includes a tax address and information to get paid for the campaign. Add relevant information here if the influencer receives a product delivered to their home instead of money. Note that the examples in this article are suggestions and do not replace the legal notice. They can help you form the basis of an Instagram influencer agreement template, but your agreement should be tailored to your brand and made by a lawyer. This is the number of photo posts, videos, Instagram stories or even IGTV appearances. Choose the format that best suits your campaign and the influencer`s image. In addition to the type of content, decide how much content will be shared.

So you`ve decided to follow today`s media trends and promote your brand with the help of social media influencers. What`s next? You`ll likely write an email to an influencer asking if they want to talk about your product in their next article, video, or feed. You`ve been lucky and the influencer is ready to promote your brand. Is the agreement settled? We wish it were that simple. (8) Limited time. If this Agreement is only effective until a specific termination date, select the Term option. This statement requires that the date of termination (agreed between the advertiser and the influencer) be consolidated by documenting it in the field provided for this purpose. When working with Instagram influencers, you also need to provide the details: is it a static post or story? Which hashtag should the influencer use? Do they have to mark the brand account? How many publications or stories should be published? Does an Instagram story need to include a photo or video? Is a swipe up link required? Provide easy-to-understand queries about the products and services that the influencer should post on their social media. It`s best to ask the influencer to post content related to their following. If you don`t want to #ad in the caption, the influencer can say something like, “This post is a sponsored ad for @Brand I`ve been a believing customer of for a long time before we officially teamed up.” All they say should be their honest opinion – something that can be written in the political agreement: when an influencer has tens of thousands of followers, but not many likes or comments on their page. This is the most common sign that an influencer`s followers are fake and most likely bought by a service that sells followers.