Rtsd Collective Bargaining Agreement

At the Radnor Township School School Board meeting on September 26, board members voted unanimously in favour of a five-year contract with RTEA. Nearby, the Lower Merion and Tredyffrin/Easttown school districts are competing for contracts with their respective teachers` unions. RTEA and LA FTSD reached a preliminary agreement in early September. The Radnor Educational Foundation`s $66,000 grant will fund access to technology and equity in the five RTSD schools and was made possible by donations from Radnor community members and businesses. A cheque ceremony was held on November 18. Radnor Reader Sign up for The Radnor Reader and have important district and school information delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday! Mental Health Resources If you or a family member needs help, there are many ways to get it. More than 1/5 of the curriculum (5 p.m.); Special full-board meeting for establishments (19 .m.). The meetings are broadcast live. 12/15 Board 12/8 Board Reorganizing 12/8 Curriculum 12/1 Finance 12/1 Policy >>RELATED: Lower Merion Teachers Petition For Raise, Hire PR Firm Susan Stern is entering her third consecutive term as School Board Chair and Amy Goldman her second as Vice Chairman of the Board. The other seven members of the Board of Directors will complete their terms of office. Latest District and School News: Click here for an archive of important RTSD messages. The SchoolMessenger RTSD alert system has been used to inform parents and staff about urgent issues such as school closures, events and more. Plus Home Internet Access RTSD is committed to working with households to get high-speed internet.

Many providers offer a free or reduced service. Click here Home Access Center (HAC) is designed to allow parents to access their child`s schedule, attendance record and academic progress. Read more The current contract between RTEA and ftSD expires in August 2018 and the new contract will come into effect from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2023. Starting with the November 24 board meeting, community members interested in a public statement will have the opportunity to do so live during the meeting by joining the zoom call. 2021-22 Board of Directors of the schedule of instruction approved on 24 November. The first day of school is September 8. See Community Services And Resources Calendar Click here for information on mental health resources, free-reduced lunch, Internet options and more. UPDATE: The guidelines were revised by the state on 25.11.25 in order to release children 11 years of age and older and those who are not in the state for 24 hours or less. >>RELATED: Tredyffrin/Easttown Teachers Picket Monday Board Meeting Free Breakfast – Lunch Available to residents of less than 18 withdrawal procedures, depending on the child`s registration status.

More than 23 student-athletes took the next step in their academic and sporting careers when they announced their official decisions at the university in front of coaches, family and friends on November 13 and 16. The senior of Radnor High School will be a member of the cello department of the All-National Symphony Orchestra. From January 7 to 9, she will participate in a virtual All-National Honor Ensembles program. The 55-page report contains the graduation rate and the average SAT rate for class 2020, sports participation, attendance quotas, demographics and more, to give the community easy access to a certain amount of information about the FTSD and its schools.