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Contract Express is more than just legal document automation software. It provides internal legal teams with intuitive questionnaire technology, sophisticated authorisation workflows and reporting functions for self-service contracts. That`s why it`s the solution of choice for world leaders. The administration settings allow you to fully control your licenses, data, themes and features that your business has access to. If you want to connect to a document management system, do so here. Contract Express quickly automates the contracts you use frequently and increases productivity by reducing the design process steps. Users generate these design documents by filling out web forms called questionnaires. Forms are created automatically from your organization`s presentation or from services such as practical law. Allow internal users to enter into self-service contracts that eliminate the legal bottleneck with pre-approved standard contracts and sophisticated licensing procedures. With the analysis dashboard, you get an overview of your productivity in document management and create more detailed reports to demonstrate your company`s effectiveness and use it to understand ROI.

Our business clients use contract Express document automation to increase efficiency, reduce risk and strengthen colleagues by offering self-service contracts when they are ready to meet needs. Contract Express accelerates the end-to-end contractual lifecycle by safely streamlining the contracting and approval process. Contract Express is integrated into DocuSign. Have your legal documents signed by the other party via secure and widely used electronic signature technology. Sync your Contract Express documents with NetDocuments and get a document management process that`s optimized and more efficient over time. Contract Express works with leading legal technology to complete your document design and management processes. The precision and speed gained through this innovative technology give your legal team the ability to automate routine work and time, to focus on high quality work. Extended reporting functions will help demonstrate the value the legal team offers to the company. Follow all your documents This is a list of all the documents your company is working on, with a relevant “red light” that will tell you where it is in the process. You can create custom filters to easily find the specific documents you need.

Our easy-to-use document questionnaires often reduce writing time from hour to minute. See Preview of how your changes are reflected in real time in the document. Thomson Reuters Contract Express – The History of Internal Law Improve your client with HighQ, a widely used collaboration tool that now connects with Contract Express. Thomson Reuters recently took over HighQ and works closely with both products. Contract Express can be integrated into practical law, so you are equipped with industry standard documents from the starting line. You can continue with all the certainty that you are working with the latest and most accurate version of a type of document.