Victoria Police Collective Agreement

After being sworn in as a probation officer at the end of Week 12, you earn $71,947 $US if you continue your training for an additional 19 weeks, both at the Academy and at the police station. Local 50, a strong and democratic union, supports improving the quality of life of Victoria workers by giving a strong voice – a collective voice – in the workplace. As a Duties General Officer, there are no two days and you must perform a number of tasks, including: (18.13 Retirement) The city pays a worker who retires a sum of money equal to a base salary at the worker`s rate at retirement, after reaching the minimum retirement age set in the B.C. municipal retirement plan. The Canada Superannuation (CPP) offers a monthly stipend to eligible Canadians. The third Tuesday in January, March, May, September, October and November are held each year six (6) general meetings. The executive determines the time and place of these meetings. No session lasts more than two and a half hours (2 1/2), unless approved by two-thirds (2/3) of those present with a two-thirds majority. There are two raffle prizes at all general meetings, one for $20 and one for $30.

Refreshments must be provided. The role of a police officer is certainly a challenge, but it is also worth it. As a police officer, you will make a difference every day for the Victorian community. Candidates` attraction team, 8am-4pm (MB – fr) Extra penalties and overtime apply. Your employment history is not a factor in determining eligibility: you can collect the OAS pension, even if you have never worked or are still working. Victoria Police offers a difficult and rewarding career serving the Victorian community. As a victoria Police employee, you have considerable authority and responsibility. CUPE 50 members provide civilian support to the Victoria Police Service on behalf of the residents of Esquimalt and Victoria. Police officers perform multiple, challenging and challenging tasks. Choosing an exciting new career is not just a question of who you are, but who you are. Do you have what it takes to be a force for good? CUPE Local 50 represents workers from the City of Victoria (inside and outside), Victoria Police, BCSPCA Victoria Branch, Downtown Victoria Business Association, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Royal Oak Burial Park, city of Langford (RCMP Support Services) and United Way of Greater Victoria.